Netsaco Engineering Limited


We are a team of specialists with decades of specialization in the operation and maintenance of critical process equipment and machinery in Nigeria

What We Do

We offer a broad spectrum of engineering, inspection,  Procurement, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Operation, Maintenance. and integrity services. We have trained, experienced and competent personnel to adequately carry out projects within our scope of operations.   Below is a brief of some of the services with render:

Deoiling, Dehydration & Filtration Systems

Offer in partnership with Sepflutech GmbH, is a leading fluid separation technology company in Germany that has designed, patented and certified several leading innovations in fluid technology.

Automated Boilers System

In collaboration with KPA Unicon oy, Finland manufactures some of the most durable and efficient boiler plants globally with up to 90 - 95% efficiency and a service life span of up to 18 years and more.

Hydrojetting and underground service duct troubleshooting and servicing

We provide best fit for purpose hydrojetting and underground service duct troubleshooting and service with trained, experienced and competent personnels.

Air Preheaters for Refineries, Processing Plants and Power Plants:

Our air preheaters are static recuperative heat exchangers primarily designed for boilers, incinerators and fired heaters, to optimize combustion process efficiency by preheating the air supply to burners using waste process heat.

Other Services


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