Netsaco Engineering Limited


We offer a broad spectrum of advanced engineering, inspection and integrity services. We have trained, experienced and competent personnel to adequately carry out projects within our scope of operations.  Below a brief of some of the services with render:

It is the policy of NETSACO in conducting its business, to ensure complete compliance to client’s requirements, to meet client needs, and strive continually to exceed client expectations cost-effectively while maintaining regulatory and statutory requirements.

To uphold the pursuit of HSES safety awareness in NETSACO, We are commited to maintaining a high level of safety of lives and properties in our areas of operations. We seek to continually improve our HSE performance and reduce hazard at to zero.

It is the policy of NETSACO ENGINEERING SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED to conduct its business in such a way that:
• The health and safety of its employees and others affected by our operations are safeguarded.
• Damage to or theft of company and third party property are prevented or minimized.
• Adverse impacts on the environment as a result of our operations are prevented or minimized and where they minimally occur their effect is mitigated.
• Voluntary assistance is rendered to our host community from time to time or any host community of a construction site when explicitly stated in a contract.
To achieve the above-mentioned policy statement, Management has promised to;
1. Provide Medical care for all categories of company employees and encourage our partner sub-contractors to do the same.
2. Lay down safety rules for company employees and provide work equipment that is in good condition and also maintain disciplinary action against any offender of the policy.
3. Provide a safe working environment and training opportunities for our employees.

4. As much as practicable comply with the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of any project in which we are part.
The policy will apply to any sub-contractor working on any aspect of this contract through the appropriate terms in the respective contract agreements.
It is the policy of NETSACO ENGINEERING LIMITED that in course of doing its business to contribute to value creation or addition in the Nigerian economy through the development of capacity and utilization of Nigerian human, material resources, and services.

Thus NETSACO Engineering Limited has made plans to utilize 100% Nigerian in carrying out the concerned project amicably. Also if the need is for the use of foreign personnel NETSACO has a benchmark of 92% minimum for Nigerian persons.


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