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Deoiling, Dehydration & Filtration Systems.

Sepflutech GmbH, is a leading fluid separation technology company in Germany that has designed, patented and certified several leading innovations in fluid technology. Sepflutech develops solutions that are tailored to suit each client’s unique requirement.

Deoiling systems & areas of Application:

  • Wastewater
  • Process water
  • Surface water
  • Slop water
  • Brine water
  • Sea/well water
  • Produced water
  • Condensate Deoiling

Dehydration systems:

For the dehydration of different kinds of oil onshore / offshore with Sepflutech technology.
Concentration of water at system inlet < 40 % (100 % for short periods)
Concentration of water at system outlet < 1 % (< 5ppm)

Fuel & Oil treatment systems (Filtration & Water separation)

Areas of application-

  • Tank treatment for gen sets of drilling rigs
  • Tank treatment for emcy systems

Available in different designs:-

  • Wall or frame mounted
  • Additional pre-filter or polishing-filter (up or downstream)
  • Decoupling kit with depressurising manifold

Sepflutech’s Automatic Self Cleaning Filters:

Sepflutech’s unique automatic self-cleaning filters with flow rates from 30 to 3700 m³/h in one filter.

Areas of application-

  • Sea/well water filtration
  • Cooling water filtration
  • Fuel filtration
  • Ballast Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Waste Water
  • Brine Water
  • Fuel/Diesel
  • Pulp water


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