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Automated Boilers System

KPA Unicon oy, Finland manufactures some of the most durable and efficient boiler plants globally with up to 90 – 95% efficiency and a service life span of up to 18 years and more.
The fully automated boiler plants, come in both modular and transferrable modules for the generation of superheated steam, hot water, or both, depending on the client’s requirement. They are fired using typical fuels including Light and heavy fuel oils, Natural gas, Process gases, Coke Oven Gas and Blast Furnace Gas, Bio-oil, associated petroleum gas, odorous Gases from Pulp and Paper Industry and biomass fuels.

KPA Unicon oy offers:
• Financing Service
• Maintenance Service
• Spare Parts Services
• Remote Monitoring and Operational Services
KPA Unicon boiler plants are designed in both modular type transferrable and on-site assembled forms. The capacity is based on the client’s requirement and process needs. The automation system allows the boiler plant to operate with minimum personnel intervention.
With outstanding performance and uniqueness, KPA boiler features include:

Boiler plant remote support and control:
PlantSys is a web-based plant monitoring system that enables remote monitoring, support and control of your plant operations according to your needs. It can be deployed as a plant automation control system or have us monitor your plant operations as a separate service.

Software functions:
• Automation control • Reporting • Control of several plants • Plant documentation backup • Spare parts management • Maintenance management • Forecasting and dashboards

Equipment functions:
• Data collection • Remote support connection • Backup • Data transfer • Server platform


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