Netsaco Engineering Limited

Air Preheaters for Refineries, Processing Plants and Power Plants

By-Cast NV owns the trademark Name – DEKA (cast iron and glass air-preheaters, Engineering and Foundry)
The DEKA air preheaters are static recuperative heat exchangers primarily designed for boilers, incinerators and fired heaters, to optimize combustion process efficiency by preheating the air supply to burners using waste process heat.

The DEKA trademark air preheaters are manufactured in the BY-CAST plant at Tessenderlo, Belgium. The plant includes a foundry, devoted to casting the special finned heat transfer surface, plus steel fabrication and assembly plants.

The following are some of the key industries in which DEKA air preheaters have been repeatedly installed for more than 60 years:
• Fossil-fueled power generation industry
• Oil refining
• Gas processing
• Fertilizer manufacture
• Steel and non-ferrous material manufacture
• Petrochemicals
The air preheater is designed to operate with a new fired heater, boiler or incinerator plants. BY-CAST also frequently supplies a DEKA unit for retro-fitting to existing plants. The flexible BY-CAST designs and modular construction of the air preheater will always provide a suitable solution for these retro-fits.


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